Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe with Regular Brake Replacement

Just like your vehicle’s tires keep you and your loved ones safe by keeping your vehicle on the road, your vehicle’s brakes are very important. Without brakes, you can’t stop your vehicle safely. While no one enjoys paying for brake replacement, it is a regularly occurring vehicle expense that you should never skimp on. Regular brake maintenance is crucial, but even with regular maintenance you will have to have brake replacement periodically. Brakes work by applying friction, and even the best brake pads eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

you will have to have brake replacement periodically

As you are driving your vehicle, stay alert for any signs that you may need brake replacement in the near future:

  • New noises when you apply the brake pedal: These might include squeaking, grinding or squealing. They may indicate something as minor as needing new brake pads or may indicate more serious problems.
  • Vibrations or wobbling while braking: You may have an uneven rotor or caliper that is not working as it should.
  • Fluid under your vehicle: Brake fluid is crucial to the function of your braking system.
  • Change in direction while braking: If your vehicle starts pulling to one side when you brake, you could have a stuck caliper or other issue.
  • Smell of burning brakes: While brakes can get overheated, any time you notice a burning smell, you should stop driving and get your brakes evaluated.
  • Warning lights are illuminated

Any time you notice a difference in the performance of your vehicle or how it is braking, you should make a visit to your mechanic and have your brakes checked. When it comes to brake replacement, small repairs are much cheaper and easier than major ones.