Brake Replacement is Part of a Good Maintenance and Safety Routine for Your Car

Brake replacement is something that comes around on every vehicle every 25,000 to 50,000 miles depending upon usage and the parts used. Brakes are not a cheap thing to maintain, so it’s good to plan in advance for the cost of brake replacement pads, which run about $100-300 ($235 on average) and may increase slightly if calipers and rotors also need replacement, but that won’t be every time. Many people intentionally replace their front and rear brakes on a separate schedule for safety and cost reasons.

Brake replacement is something that comes around on every vehicle

Good brakes are critical to the safety of driving your car in high traffic conditions and through hilly or even mountainous terrain for an extended period of time (which also changes the wear and tear of your brakes from what it might regularly be anticipated to be). For brakes to work properly (by brake pads creating friction against the tread of your tires), you need to also make sure your tires are in good condition. You shouldn’t operate a vehicle on the limits of your brakes or tires because their combined capacity to stop your vehicle in time can be altered quickly with changing road conditions, such as severe weather.

Apart from brake replacement, regular maintenance on your tires (rotation/balance/alignment) about every 7,000 miles will also help because your brake pads tend to get dirty, which can also affect their performance and your safety. Contact us today for all your brake replacement needs!