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Auto inspections are meant to make sure your vehicle is in good condition for you to drive on the road. In many states, it is required to have your vehicle inspected before you go out on the road. If your vehicle does not pass the inspection, then you cannot legally drive it. If you do, your vehicle registration could be blocked until it passes the inspection. There are many things that auto inspectors look out for. They check your:

What it Takes to Pass Auto Inspections

  • Horn: Can you hear it?
  • Mirrors: Are they intact and are object visible?
  • Windshield: Are there any cracks or chips that could potentially endanger someone? Are your wipers working?
  • Tires: Are your tires in good condition, or are you almost driving on the rims?
  • Lights: Are all your lights working (especially headlights)?
  • Brakes: Do they work, or are you having difficulty stopping in time or find you are hearing unusual noises when using your brakes?
  • Steering and alignment: Is your steering wheel responsive and properly aligned with your wheels?

These are just some of the things they check during auto inspections. Everything that they check during auto inspections is important for not only your safety but for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. Your vehicle needs to have all components working properly for a vehicle to be considered safe to drive. Without working headlights and turn signals, you would not be able to signal a turn or drive safely at night. Without working brakes, you could potentially risk colliding with another vehicle or injuring people. We can help you make sure everything is working for you to pass the inspection and be safe on the road. Please feel free to come in for a checkup, so we can help you pass that auto inspection together!