What Are We Looking for During Belt & Hose Inspections?

Just like it’s important that you go see the doctor every year to make sure that your body is working like it should, it is also important that you go and see your mechanic to make sure that your car is working like it should! During your regular car inspections, there are specific parts that are tested and checked to make sure that your car is in proper driving order. One of the most important parts of any inspection is the belt & hose inspections. While you might know that belt & hose inspections are important in ensuring that your engine keeps running smoothly, do you know what a mechanic like ours at Lindsay Tire Automotive & Accessories are looking for during belt & hose inspections? Let’s go over it!

regular belt & hose inspections

When inspecting belts, we look for things like cracks, shiny areas and missing chunks. During the heat of the summer and combined with things like the heat of the engine, the rubber in belts can degrade with consistent use. This causes the rubber to crack or lose pieces easily. In the case of the shiny areas, what we are looking for there is evidence of consistent slipping.

When we inspect hoses during our belt & hose inspections, we look for shiny areas, cracks running all around that are similar in size, or nicks. We also look for areas where the hoses might be bulging or collapsing.

At Lindsay Tire, we want to make sure that your car or truck is always safe and working properly for you with regular belt & hose inspections. To learn more about our other services or to have your belts & hoses examined, please come see us today.