Signs It’s Time for Fuel Injection Service for Your Vehicle

When you first got your vehicle, it was so much fun to drive. But, if you have had your car, SUV or truck for a while and you have noticed that your car is driving differently than it once did, it may be time to get a thorough fuel injection service completed sooner rather than later.

reduces the need for fuel injection service

Here are some of the signs you may notice that indicate you may need fuel injection service:

  • Changes in vehicle idling: You may notice a rough idle with sputtering or other problems.
  • Vehicle stalls: If your vehicle starts stalling when it has never had any issues, you may want to consider fuel injection service.
  • Reduced acceleration: If your vehicle has become more sluggish or you feel like it’s lacking power it once had, a clog or blockage in the fuel injectors may be the cause.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency: Tracking your fuel efficiency is always a good idea. If you notice a reduction in fuel efficiency, it may be time for fuel injection service.

The good news is that modern gasoline is better than it has ever been, and it includes detergents that are intended to keep your vehicle’s fuel injection system running more smoothly and reduces the need for fuel injection service. The fuel injectors themselves have improved with technological advances as well. Still, if you notice any of the problems mentioned above, it may be better to get your fuel injection system checked out and serviced as needed.