3 Reasons You Should Avoid Driving with One Headlight Out

Driving at night is vastly different from driving during the day! Without headlights, driving at night would be mostly impossible for most people and certainly not safe for anyone. If you are down one headlight, many of us either don’t realize it or will continue to drive until it is convenient for us to get the headlights fixed. You might not realize, however, that there are hazards that come with driving when only one headlight is functioning, including these three reasons:

1.  Low visibility. When one of your headlights has burned out, you have half the visibility that you normally do. Even if you can see most of where you are driving, most isn’t good enough! Being able to see and be seen is crucial in driving safety, especially in the dark. With something as easy to fix as headlights, the risk isn’t worth the reward.

get the headlights fixed

2.  Easy reason to be pulled over. Many police officers will go ahead and pull you over when your headlight is out because it is a safety risk, and their job is to protect! Some might let you off with a warning or a “fix-it-ticket” that will require proof of repair or a real fine is issued, but it depends on the officer.

3.  Your car resembles a motorcycle to other drivers. When one of your headlights is out, drivers from a distance might think you are a motorcycle and not give you the appropriate amount of clearance.

If you need help with your headlights, come and see us today at Lindsay Tire Automotive & Accessories for assistance. Drive safe out there!