Welding, Clemmons, NC

We offer both automotive and trailer welding services.

It isn’t every day you can find an automotive and trailer repair shop that goes the extra mile that we do here at Lindsay Tire Automotive & Accessories. When James Lindsay began this business 40 years ago, it was with the heartfelt belief that the public’s needs should always be considered and fulfilled whenever possible. That policy led us to offer welding repairs for both automobiles and trailers.

  • Automotive Welding – It is a common misconception that vehicles are assembled only with nuts and bolts or that what was welded at the factory will last forever. You could experience any number of problems with your vehicle that our welding expertise can resolve. In addition, welding can be useful for making upgrades. For example, installing a quality tow package or repairing one is a common welding project. If your vehicle needs frame strengthening or repair, welding is your answer. Welding can also be used to remove a broken bolt, repair a leak or hole in an oil pan, and so much more.
  • Trailer Welding – The framework of a trailer undergoes quite a bit of pressure, which can cause a weld to fail. Another possible use for welding is to customize your trailer for a specific use, such as putting on hooks and other components so you can keep your cargo more secure.

We do quality trailer repair and welding.

If you have been told that something on your vehicle or trailer is beyond repair and the scrapyard is your only alternative, give us a chance first. We’ll be happy to assess the situation and let you know if we believe our welding services could help you get a few more miles from your vehicle or trailer. It is our motto to go the extra mile so you can go extra miles! Give us a call today with any questions you may have or stop by our Clemmons, North Carolina garage to learn more about our welding and other services.


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