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If you feel like your vehicle’s air conditioning system is working properly, it may be easy to let several years pass without any AC maintenance visits. You may not realize it, but your vehicle’s air conditioning system does more than just cool your car in the summer months, and ignoring it for several years can be hard on your vehicle, making it more likely that you will have costly repairs in the future, as well as possibly reducing the lifespan of your vehicle.

Regular AC maintenance protects the air compressor’s function

The best time for AC maintenance is right before the hot, humid summer months arrive, but if it has been years since your last AC maintenance appointment, the right time is now, no matter the season or the weather. Regular AC maintenance protects the air compressor’s function by ensuring that the system refrigerant and lubrication levels are optimal. The compressor in your vehicle’s air conditioning system is very expensive to replace, so keeping it happy keeps money in your wallet. Regular maintenance also makes it more likely that problems like system blockages or small leaks will be discovered sooner and they can be fixed before they become big problems.

AC maintenance can provide other benefits as well. It can actually improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and if it includes checking and replacing the cabin air filter, it can improve the air quality inside your vehicle, which is great for you and everyone else who rides in your vehicle.

Warning signs that it is time for AC maintenance include strange noises, a humid feeling inside your car, funny smells, noticeable leaks under your car and a cooling system that struggles to do its job. Don’t wait to get your vehicle checked out by a reliable, certified mechanic.