Reasons for Failing Emission Testing

People are becoming more aware about the environment than ever- and local and state governments are starting to keep up. Car emissions are a top contributor of pollution, and some states require that the excessively polluting cars not be allowed to drive and pollute further. While not all states currently require emission testing, if you live in a state that does, you cannot drive legally anywhere in the United States without proper registration. While tail pipe emissions are an important part of emission testing, there are many factors that can cause your car to fail an emission testing procedure.

tail pipe emissions are an important part of emission testing

First, there are the obvious reasons, like your car is producing too many hydrofluorocarbons. The emission testing usually checks for specific pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. While your car may produce other emissions, these are the ones that will cause the car to fail your emission test if they are too high.

Second, there are the obscure reasons that might cause you to fail your emission testing. These can be things like your engine running rich, which can be the fault of a malfunctioning fuel injector or oxygen sensor. Spark plugs that are worn out or a cracked gas cap can also cause an emission testing fail.

Finally, check things like your air filter to make sure it is clean and look at your check engine light. Even if everything is working properly, if your check engine light is on, many states will fail your emission testing.

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