If You Need Muffler Repair,
Don’t Delay!

Some vehicle maintenance and repair needs can be put off without doing too much long-term damage, but muffler repair is not one of those things. If you need muffler repair, you need to take care of it quickly. It doesn’t take long for a small muffler problem to become more serious, and the repair bill can go from a reasonable level to a very expensive and costly repair in a hurry.

signs that you need muffler repair sooner

Your vehicle’s muffler performs a very important function – it minimizes the noise associated with your vehicle’s exhaust system. Without a muffler, your vehicle will be much louder. Here are some signs that you need muffler repair sooner rather than later:

  • Your vehicle is overheating: While overheating can have other causes, it can be the result of your muffler not functioning as it should.
  • Your fuel efficiency has decreased: If you notice that you are getting fewer miles to the gallon of gasoline, one possible problem is your muffler not operating properly.
  • You notice a bad smell in your vehicle: This is a potentially dangerous situation, as exhaust fumes can leak into the interior of your vehicle and negatively affect your health and the health of your passengers.
  • You hear new rattling or loud noise while driving: New, loud noises are one of the clearest indicators that you need muffler repair. Rattling from the exhaust may indicate that your muffler is loose or broken.
  • You notice lots of water dripping from the muffler or rust or holes: Looking under your vehicle once in a while is always a good idea. If your muffler needs service, don’t delay.