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Arcade games were all the rage when many of us were young children. We used to have games to play like Pac-Man and Galaga. Another popular type of game for many people during those times was the crazy racecar games. They would usually have big flashy seats for people to sit in, crazy graphics, and tracks that seemed almost impossible to drive. We would jump off ramps, swerve around buildings, and pass all the other drivers by going as fast as we could just to win the race. Now, as adults, we drive real cars. We have no need to turn the wheel as wildly. Only when necessary do we turn or slightly shift the wheel. Now, all we have to do to go straight is hold the wheel in place instead of having a wobbly wheel to maneuver like in those arcades. However, If holding your steering wheel steady is not keeping your car going straight, this is one signal your wheel alignment is probably off.

How Wheel Alignment Helps a Driver

Wheel alignment ensures a smooth and safe drive for the people in the vehicle. It also causes tire deterioration, fuel loss, and a need to frequently straighten your vehicle while on the road. The steering wheel is also at risk of vibrating or becoming loose. You could even lose control or end up in an accident.

Having proper wheel alignment is especially beneficial for those long drives on the road. Hitting cruise control gives you that small break from holding your foot on the gas pedal. All you have to do is hold the wheel in place. If your wheel alignment is off, then you have to keep alert and constantly be making sure the vehicle is going straight. Give us a call here at Lindsay Tire Automotive & Accessories so we can help you have a smoother ride. Those arcade games were all fun, but on the real road, we can’t always rely on getting bonus boosts for help on the road.