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We use our cars all the time. Whether we are going to and from work or school or fun locations, we rely on our cars to get us from point a to point b. Because our cars are mechanical, we need to take care of them as much as they take care of us! There are many times when we might suspect that our car needs an auto repair, but, due to mistrust or lack of finances, we decide to put it off. While there are a few things that can wait before being repaired, there are some that really shouldn’t be put off, including:

  • Oil Change Light– The oil change light is one of the few lights that most people trust when it pops on! Your engine needs oil regularly in order to run cleanly and smoothly. Without enough oil, it comes to a grinding (sometimes literally and permanent) halt. Adding oil is an inexpensive auto repair that you can do almost immediately that will help you get by until you get to the mechanic- this is especially important for older engines that can guzzle oil.

we might suspect that our car needs an auto repair

  • Check Engine Light– That blasted check engine light! Because cars have so many technological advances lately, the check engine light can come on for something major or something completely innocuous like the gas cap being loose. A simple scan will reveal if this is an auto repair that you need immediately.
  • Brakes– Your brakes are what keep you from slamming into things like other cars and people in the crosswalk- so take care of them! This is one type of auto repair that should never be put off for your sake and safety.

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